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OK. So. I am a teaching assistant, as some of you know. I'm also a student, but that's beside the point. As a junior faculty member of my university and a student teacher of several years, I maintain a course website. I'm fairly certain it is this website that 2 guys and counting have gone to after conversing with me during public observing night (which I also both work and volunteer at) to get my email address and send me flirtatious invitations to go out to eat, get coffee, watch anime, etc. together. Just the 2 of us. After 1 meeting.
Yao Gnim Meme plz 
That's a tad creepy but not necessarily offensive. Just very awkward and presumptuous.
However, the week after I got the I most recent of those emails, I had this inner-city guy pull up beside me on his bike, hop off exclaiming how gorgeous I was and a bunch of other stuff I could only partly understand because he spoke like the most alcoholic rapper I'd ever heard of. When his bike falls over into the street, he makes a big dramatic show about me being so captivating (or something) that he broke his bike. I started backing away (well, faster) and he kept inching closer, eventually saying "c'mon, you don't gott' be 'fraid o' me—" and I didn't hear the rest because I speed-walked across the street. For the next hour, I rehearsed in my head what I should've said, or what I would say next time that happened, assuming I have the guts to confront instead of get the hell out of there. And...I probably don't. But man, I'd love to have seen his face if I'd asked him "y'know, what if you were walking along and some big beefy gay dude with a head and 50 lbs on you pulled up next to you and started aggressively hitting on you in public? And you know that if you rebuff him and he decides not to take no for an answer, there's not a lot you can do to stop him?" These guys just don't get that it doesn't matter what their intentions are: it's like, I can't read your mind, but you've already demonstrated that you think your need for attention trumps my need to be able to move freely in public with things on my mind other than my personal safety, so...
Drunker  OK, calming down...
Less than 48 hours later, I get this in my email inbox (screencap):
That just takes the cake. Definitely the most obscene email I've ever gotten from a strange man, but also the funniest because of how much it reads like a best-of-Tinder screen-cap. I might be worried if it was someone I knew, but given the dialectic clues, I suspect we aren't even in the same country. So at least the recent spate of solicitations ended on an entertaining note. Until the next one...
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space cadet
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United States
I've always loved art. I spent my middle school & high school career in magnet schools for the arts. In high school I majored in printmaking & art history.
But I've also always loved science, & late in high school I realized that science is more lucrative & maintains its novelty longer. In particular, I find studying physics of space (i.e. astrophysics) an immensely spiritual experience, to the extent that one can be spiritual as a secular humanist. So that's what I'm pursuing my PhD in. Yep, I'm learning how to take the universe apart & bend it to my will. :evillaugh:
Art is still an integral part of my life. It's just not for a grade anymore :meow:.

:star:Note: if you want to color my line art, please PM me for permission (I have never refused—ask and ye shall receive the full-size line drawing), and when you're ready to post, be sure to include both my name and a link to my original line drawing in the description. If I have given you the lines to color, I will check in after a certain amount of time to ensure, if the work has been colored and posted, that my policy has been followed.

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