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This one's kinda tragic.

My POV (point of view for the non-native English-speakers) alternated between an oriental lady in her early twenties and a girl of about 6 or 7 who was the other lady's sister (or daughter, but she would've been awfully young), starting mostly with the former and ending with the latter. The dream begins as I'm on the lawn of a a 4-story Indian (like from India) fort-like building trying to shoot down these birdlike creatures flitting about and dive-bombing from the top. They've invaded from a bamboo grove and have started transmitting a disease to humans that gives them a superpower (that varies from person to person) briefly, but over the course of about 2-3 weeks, it dry-rots the flesh from the mouth outward and, usually, slowly robs the victim of all mental functions except that needed to chase and bite another human (though some retain other mental faculties). Also, these "birds" aren't really birds; they're just a cluster of tan brush bristles molded into a delta-wing shape with a beak at one corner and an eyeball in the middle. Either I'm infected or I just have this power intrinsically, but I can touch nearby bushes and grow an extremely rough bow and arrows out of the roots, but they suck. They just sort of *boop* the birds in the beak before falling back to earth.

One of the newly infected sees me struggling and advises me to go into the town square and ask about a store called "Ball's", saying the locals will point me to it. Then he wipes the saliva from his rough and cracking diseased mouth and turns away, keeping his distance. I take my little girl (sister/daughter) into town with me via a neighborhood overgrown with bamboo aptly called The Infected's Quarter. I have to dodge the same white pickup twice, and have to duck out of view of the aimlessly shambling long-time infected, who more or less resemble the zombies from the older games in the Resident Evil franchise.

The town center is really just a small dirt plaza surrounded by shops with condos on top and a band playing in a corner. I start ducking in and out of stores, little girl in hand, steering clear of the newly-infected who are trying to live as normally as they can in the little time they have left before they lose their minds. I did find Ball's store (turns out, it's named for the owner's pet Ball Python) and got my bow, went back, and shot down the birds. In the meantime, I guess I either left the girl at the store or...something, because I witness through the girl's eyes that the Ball's owner, who resembles the villain from Zoolander, is attacked by a group of newly infected apparently protesting him because he's arming people in support of the policy to shoot them on sight even if they're still sane. And then there's some sort of gang war because the Ball's owner is a big shot in the local mob. The band gets involved, too, because they're local hooligans squatting in a condo owned by the mob. I can't figure out if they're part of the mob or not, but I know they occupied it and changed the locks because the person who used to own it got infected and so, by common law, no longer had the right to life, liberty, or property.

Flash back to me and my girl (who miraculously reappeared with me). I don't know how it happened, but she's been bitten, an because she's a little kid, she's rotting even faster than most. I start carrying her around in a desperate search for treatment or something. We end up back in the Infected Quarter and get separated. My perspective has been alternating between the older sister/mom's POV and the little girl's, but from here on my perspective changes to the little girl's and one of the band members.

By the time I get back into town (as the girl), somehow I'm well and truly rotted, and according to everyone else, I'm long past the point where I should've been sane. And I do behave as if I only want to bite anyone who gets too close to me. But the rest of the time I'm sane. Horribly aware that I can't talk or move normally. I shamble in on the band trying to steal some stuff from the place they're squatting in, presumably to pawn off or something. They start freaking out, and trying to fight me off, but I just kind of slip past them and start playing one of the members' drum set. Their fear of me sort of abates, and one by one I infect them with a playful nip here, a scratch there... Weirdly, they start really getting into it, like in a sexual way, once I get started. They even start to wonder aloud about what power they'll get in their last few weeks of life.

But then the mob breaks in, and the fight I mentioned 2 paragraphs ago gets underway. The place gets set on fire. The mob tries the shoot the 3 band boys on sight. They try to dive out the window head-first to kill themselves before the mob gets to them, except one of the boys discovers his short-term zombie superpower is levitation. He stops them all in midair but then can't figure out what to do, so I drag them back in. I take a very small-caliber bullet to the forehead protecting the boys (that hurt and the blood ran into my eyes), but it didn't stop me. I charge and bite the shooters so their team members turn on them. It's a mess. Eventually only 3 mob guys are left that haven't been bitten (all the rest have been infected and immediately put down). They round up the 3 boys and me, tie us up, and put us on our knees, backs to them, so we can be shot execution style. The 3 boys are in various stages of grief and fatalistic acceptance. Once after the other, they're put down. I'm last. I feel the bullet go through the back of my head and fall backward. I feel the back of my skull cave in like the center of a malted milk ball when your tongue touches it, and liquid pools around my head.

I'm down but I'm still not out. I feel myself clambering awkwardly to my feet. I take bullet after bullet in my relentless pursuit of the men who shot me and my squatter friends. I bite. I claw. I rage like a rabid dog until they're all reeling, realizing I've infected them and they now have no place in their organization. 2 run screaming. The one who didn't run shoots at the runners and kills one before they're out of sight. And then he shoots himself in the temple.

My long-lost big sister finally shows up in the doorway looking to save me from the fire, but I know my mind is almost as far gone as my body. With my last stroke of sanity I hold out my hand in a stop gesture, tear a flaming plank from one of the window frames, and set myself on fire. I'm relieved as my consciousness finally dissolves into ash.
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space cadet
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I've always loved art. I spent my middle school & high school career in magnet schools for the arts. In high school I majored in printmaking & art history.
But I've also always loved science, & late in high school I realized that science is more lucrative & maintains its novelty longer. In particular, I find studying physics of space (i.e. astrophysics) an immensely spiritual experience, to the extent that one can be spiritual as a secular humanist. So that's what I'm pursuing my PhD in. Yep, I'm learning how to take the universe apart & bend it to my will. :evillaugh:
Art is still an integral part of my life. It's just not for a grade anymore :meow:.

:star:Note: if you want to color my line art, please PM me for permission (I have never refused—ask and ye shall receive the full-size line drawing), and when you're ready to post, be sure to include both my name and a link to my original line drawing in the description. If I have given you the lines to color, I will check in after a certain amount of time to ensure, if the work has been colored and posted, that my policy has been followed.

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