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I share a home with innumerable fickle beasts
(I say "share", not "own" because I might be the least
Among them). None of us chose to live together.
We were just kind of put in here by my mother,
not that we hate it. Most of us get on OK.
A couple of us fight regularly, but hey,
that's cohabitation for you. My two favorites
are Lefty and Righty. Righty is accurate
and agile and eager to please. Lefty isn't
so smart, but is relaxed and quite affectionate,
although not as good at showing it as Righty.
The Leggy twins are a handful, they're so hairy
and long. But it's better that way, I think, because
they're both blind and clumsy, always stubbing their paws
and getting bruised cap-a-pie on the furniture.
Asshole's his own namesake, predictably, but our
eyes never meet anyway. With Flower I 
have a love-hate relationship. That's more than I
can say for everyone else. They all just hate her.
Not without reason, of course. She gladly tortures
us all every month or so, and likes to start fights
between a few of the others every fortnight.
But she knows when I'm stressed, sometimes before I do.
She can remind everyone that I have needs, too,
So I can tolerate her. The other girls just
kind of sit there being fat, but I guess they must
be cute since the boys seem to like looking at them.
They're my pleasantly round, fluffy sweater kittens.
The Baby Blues are no trouble, nor is Hairy,
whose amber coat stays silky with amazingly
little grooming. But there are three who rule the roost.
Four if you count me, but I don't 'cause they let loose
on me so often. It's embarrassing. Their names
are Heart, Guts, and Brain. These days Heart is fairly tame.
Since Heart cries mostly needless fear, guilt, and worry,
I stifle it with meds, though sometimes it still buries
me. I can dig myself out now, though. Guts I hate
the most right now. Talk about a total ingrate.
He violently refuses the American
staples, and gripes about everything else. Taking
cues from Flower, he'll even throw fits for no reason
at all. Sometimes he and Asshole corner me in
the litter box, and other times they lock me out.
Both of them can be cantankerous bullies, but
Guts is definitely the instigator. TBC (I'll finish this tomorrow)


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space cadet
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I've always loved art. I spent my middle school & high school career in magnet schools for the arts. In high school I majored in printmaking & art history.
But I've also always loved science, & late in high school I realized that science is more lucrative & maintains its novelty longer. In particular, I find studying physics of space (i.e. astrophysics) an immensely spiritual experience, to the extent that one can be spiritual as a secular humanist. So that's what I'm pursuing my PhD in. Yep, I'm learning how to take the universe apart & bend it to my will. :evillaugh:
Art is still an integral part of my life. It's just not for a grade anymore :meow:.

:star:Note: if you want to color my line art, please PM me for permission (I have never refused—ask and ye shall receive the full-size line drawing), and when you're ready to post, be sure to include both my name and a link to my original line drawing in the description. If I have given you the lines to color, I will check in after a certain amount of time to ensure, if the work has been colored and posted, that my policy has been followed.

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it looks like you are an astronomer after all, i'm sorry usually when i see somebody say they have a PHd its hard to believe because its people on the internet. usually i think they are posers, but youre obviously a real astronomer. before you shut me away like so many others you must have an open mind to other's theories. you may never know what you might discover from talking with other people about the universe. all people look to the sky and wonder what's out there. they wonder if there are other races, they have yet to find out this answer. :) (Smile) :( (Sad) 
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